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ASC TUTORS, established in 2022. 'ASC' is abbreviated as 'ASK', 'SOLVE' and 'CLEAR'. Our Motto is simple,"You ask us, will Solve, and Make you clear". We primarily focus on the practical knowledge with practical experiments. We make friendly environment with students so that, they can be comfortable as much as possible. We would like to bring more of technology in teaching.

We as an academic organizations always support students to specialize them in the subject. We want to make our students independent and provide academic assistance whenever they needed.

Our Key features and Services includes:

Result Driven Coaching

Homework Assistance

Individual Attention

Online Tutoring

Feedback and Progress Monitoring

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ASC Tutors 1.00 Hrs/day 30 Students


ASC Tutors 1.00 Hrs/Day 25 Students
Akshay Srinivas Vasala
Founder & Management Head

Management Head

Meet the visionary leader behind the success story of ASC TUTORS,
Mr. Akshay Srinivas Vasala. With a passion for education and a forward-thinking approach, Mr. Vasala has been the driving force behind ASC TUTORS' rapid rise as a pioneering institution in the field of learning. As the Founder of ASC TUTORS, Mr. Vasala brings a unique blend of strategic insight, innovation, and dedication to the table. His leadership philosophy is centered around creating an environment where excellence thrives, and innovation knows no bounds. Under his guidance, ASC TUTORS has evolved into a dynamic institution that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters holistic development. Mr. Vasala's belief in the power of innovation is evident in every facet of ASC TUTORS. He envisions education as a dynamic process that should adapt to the ever-changing world. This perspective has driven the integration of cutting-edge technologies and modern teaching methodologies into ASC TUTORS' approach, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills needed to excel in the digital age.


Expert Instructors

Nitinkumar Ramsuchit Pal
Maths( 9th and 10th)
Seema Nebulal Agrahari
Maths & Science( 7th and 8th)
Sarita Mahendra Dikonda
Teaches all subjects for 1st to 5th CBSE
Soham Kamble
Hindi, Marathi & History(7th to 10th)

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